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Reach your entire audience with an Email List or Newsletter

What rage and despair would you feel if you woke up one day and all your Instagram and Facebook followers were gone? If there was a glitch or maybe an error and your account was deleted.. all the hard work you put into building your mini empire and community, and suddenly you realize that your empire wasn't really ever in your control. You were letting another agency hold your audience, and in fact even letting them have the power to decide how far your message reaches. But that's just social media, we bitch about the algorithms and keep trying to outsmart and understand them. But you don't have to struggle so hard to reach your people.

Let's say it together:

When someone follows you on social media, they are opting in to hear from you again. They like what they see, and they want to see you again. But do they get to? How many people do you follow on instagram, and how many accounts do you actually experience when you take a scroll? 

An email list on the other hand is less like screaming into a large crowd, and more like walking up to someone and passing them a little note. Hey, here's a promo or new product you should know about. Thanks for following us. 

Building the next level to your online marketing

Now I'm not saying to deactivate your social accounts, far from it. Your social accounts and your email list work together, they are different tools used to build the same project (your business or influence.) With consistent branding and messaging you can earn the trust of your followers through social media, and this becomes a space for new followers to discover and learn more about your business or brand. Your social platforms are used to showcase your business and your newsletter or emailing list.

There are a number of ways you can start an email list, companies like MailChimp and Klaviyo have great platforms that make creating and managing your email list easy and customizable. (I'm currently working on a Guide for Email Marketing Setup, you can sign up for the Better Business Broadcast if you would like that delivered to your inbox in a few weeks.) 

Put effort into things that give back

It can be overwhelming to manage a reoccuring newsletter, but let me make your day by telling you about automation. I plan and create my newsletters weeks or even months in advance (or I could if I wasn't so busy ha) but it takes a HUGE load off of the stress involved. Not only can you set up and schedule your newsletters, but you can create automated chains to engage your followers without having to even lift a finger!

For example, you could have an automatic reply for when they sign up, 'Welcome! Thanks for the follow!' Then a week later it automatically sends an About Us email that tells your new friend a little bit more about your business and story, and finally an email with a promotion code just for them arrives another week or so later. It becomes a multilevel marketing campaign that you only have to set up once! It's a glorious thing if you are already super busy running your business. 

I would totally subscribe to you

I want to follow you! If you create a newsletter for your business, let me be your first subscriber! I adore receiving little notes in my inbox. Throw your website in the comment box below and I will come subscribe!

I also want to help you! This can be overwhelming I totally get it, let me help you set up your email list campaigns. I can help to build out your email marketing and as part of my services (always) is a training session to help empower you to manage your newsletter with as little stress as possible. You dream, I build, and then you manage and distribute (or whatever collaboration formula you need.) Leave a comment or shoot me a email through the Contact page and let's figure it out. 


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