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Know what to post, and stay inspired!

What to post?

Knowing what to post is where most small businesses get stumped with social media. It's basically the first step in content creation and probably the most overwhelming one, so there's a reason why it's where most people get tripped up. But if you take the time to clearly define your content 'buckets' it can be much less overwhelming.

I use the term buckets but it's really just a representation of a few different themes in your brand. For example, if you are a doggy shampoo company your main buckets could be: product shots, reposts of customer's dogs, doggy grooming tips, and behind the scenes or making of the product. The next step would be filling those buckets up! Use the buckets for inspiration to keep making more content, usually, 3-7 buckets are best for a good variety in your feeds.

So how do you choose your buckets? I would include a bucket that showcases your product or service, but also a more personal bucket that shows the humans behind the business. A bucket that provides useful information can be a good idea (tips or recipes etc) and you can also share user-generated content from your followers if it makes sense for your business.

I'm talking about content creation all month so stay tuned for more about how to actually create your content, defining your voice, and planning ahead.


Staying Inspired

This image may not scream "I'm inspired" but it is really how I keep my jar of content ideas full! ⁣

To stay inspired for your own social media make sure you are following plenty of accounts that create content similar to your desired style or content. I am NOT saying to copy other's content, but let it surround you and inspire you. Curate your follow list to include accounts that will spark your creativity.⁣

Make an inspiration folder! You can create folders on Instagram to save your favourite content from others. In the bottom right of each post is a little flag/bookmark icon, just tap to save! To create specific folders hold down until the option for folders pops up. To view your saved posts go to your profile page and select the menu. Your saved posts will be an option in the menu. ⁣

Then when you need a little inspiration for your next batch of content it's all there! You can also save folders for whatever reason you want, recipes to try or things to share later etc. ⁣

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