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Quick tips to update your website

Your website should always be growing and be reflecting your own progress. Have you and your business grown since you last updated your website? Yeah, probably a lot too! You don’t need to feel overwhelmed, with just a few manageable tasks you can brighten up your site and better reflect where you currently are as a growing business.

The About Page

Whether you have a staff or are the only person in your business, refreshing the About Page is a simple way to keep your website updated and prevent the information from going stale. A new headshot or an updated description of your business and your strengths will help you to land the kind of clients that you are looking for today, not the ones you were looking for when you wrote the original copy. 

Check all the Hyperlinks

Webpages are updated and changed, which means that you could have dead hyperlinks in your web pages or blogs. It can be tedious but scrolling through your web pages for dead hyperlinks can make the difference between a professional site and an untrustworthy one. 

Keywords and SEO 

If your business has grown in a new direction, you may need to update your SEO and keywords to better connect you with your target customers.

Check the User Experience

Do you frequent your own site? Most people don’t, but it can be very valuable to spend some time exploring the user experience of your website. Ask some of your friends and a family to do that same, and see if they report any issues or difficulty in finding information within the site. 

Update your FAQ or Customer Reviews

As you grow as a business, so does your knowledge of what your customers frequently asked questions are. With a better knowledge of the information your clients need, you can update your FAQ to better reflect their needs and display your expertise in the subject. 

Staying on top customer reviews is another good practice to stay on top of. Periodically reach out to your recent clients and give your review section some updated modest brags. 

Change the main imagery

If your website has an image-focused home page, try switching up the image every now and then to keep your site looking active.

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