5 Tips for a Mobile-Friendly Website

5 Tips for a Mobile-Friendly Website

Question: If your potential customers go to your website on their phone right now, what will their experience be like? Can they access all of the information and is the layout designed for phones and thumbs?

☐ Mobile Design

Many website platforms will automatically resize and restructure your website to fit mobile screens, but there are a few that don't, Squarespace and Wix for example. The mobile design on these platforms is completely customizable (whereas Shopify mobile sites are just responsive) but the downside is that you can make an edit on a desktop and then mess up the mobile design. Always check your mobile version when making edits to ensure a good experience for everyone.

☐ Clear & Concise Content

Mobile design should be easy to scroll through, with no need for pinching or zooming to see the information. The text should be easy to read (size, contrast, font) and photos/icons can be utilized to convey ideas instead of blocks of text

☐ Contact Information

More often than not when someone is visiting your site from a mobile device they are looking for a quick bit of information; your phone number, hours of operation, booking link etc. Make sure your contact information is easy to get to on mobile (also having it in the footer menu is helpful because most people assume it's there and go right to the bottom.)

☐ Make it Speedy

Similar to a regular site, speed is a super important factor we often forget about. If your website takes more than 5 seconds to load then you're likely going to lose most visitors before they can even begin.

☐ Consider Popups

Sometimes your cute popup is actually really hard to close on mobile, especially if there is a tiny little X that the user needs to hit to close it. Test your popup for mobile to make sure that it's not deterring your potential customers.

The holidays are right around the corner, make sure your website serves all of your people - especially the ones on their phones!

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