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Year-End Checklist for Small Businesses

1. Celebrate

You did it, business babes, you did so much! A full year (or less if you're newer!) has gone by and you've busted your butt growing your business. You deserve to celebrate, cheers to you!

□ Reflect on accomplishments.

□ Thank your followers and customers.

□ Host a giveaway or promotion to give back to the community you've grown around your business.

2. Review the year 

□ Note your growth, both size and direction.

□ Review and put together a report for your sales or finances from the year.

□ Utilize the analytics that social media platforms provide. Most platforms have reports you can export, this is valuable data you can learn from.

3. Backup and Organize

□ Backup all your 2020 files, invoices, reports and images.

□ Organize and evaluate file-naming or folder systems.

□ Put away files you don’t use, create an archive folder for 2020.

□ Do an inventory check to start the year off with confidence in your accuracy.

4. Plan for the future

□ Set some goals for the next year, big grande dreamy ones and also small realistic achievements.

□ Set milestones throughout the year and check back monthly to see how you’re doing on your goals. Adjust as needed.

5. Refresh

□ Audit your website, check that all information is updated, links are working and the user experience flows smoothly through the site.

□ Update contact or vendor details, email lists/folders. 

□ Refresh social media logos and profiles/bios. Make sure you cover the basic information that a new customer would need.

□ Product or services descriptions may be inaccurate or stale since they were updated last.

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