• Educate and Inform

    Let's help your customer to understand just exactly how great your products and services are!

    Providing educational blogs can help new and existing customers to engage and spend time on your website.

    • Highlight ingredients/products

    • Gift Guides for the holidays

    • Frequently asked questions

    See examples (Irit Sorokin Designs) 
  • Entertain and Inspire

    Let's create great content that your online customers are already searching for!

    Your website can be a hub for helpful articles and useful information related to your community.

    Recipes and inspiration

    Local or industry tips

    Tips for your community

    See examples (Poo Worx) 
  • Tell your Story

    Let's build more trust with your online audience with blogs that shine a light on your story.

    Create a connection with your audience with articles that highlight your brand's personaility and story.

    • Highlight your brand values

    • Tell your business story

    • Meet the team

    See examples (Kingfisher Crafts) 

Leave the writing to us!

Build your business blog without breaking a sweat!

We come up with a custom plan for your blog strategy, specifically targeted to your business's audiences.

Blogs are available as an ongoing service for recurring articles, or you can just hire Kelp Forest co for one or two blogs! Whatever works best for you and your business growth.

Let's chat about it!