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Graphic Design

I'm your friendly neighbourhood Photoshop wizard and I'm here to help your business look sharp and professional. Having consistent and memorable branding across all of your platforms is the best way to build recognition and awareness of your brand in your online communities. 

I offer logo and branding packages that can be integrated into your website, social media and marketing for a more impactful and on-brand messaging to your audiences.

Content Writing

When you go to a public market or a store you can pick up an item before you buy it and you can experience it before deciding to purchase it. When you are selling online your customers lose this opportunity to experience the item unless you are intentional in sharing that experience through words and images instead of the other senses. 

If words are not your strong point, let me help your polish your website with shiny product descriptions that sell to the senses and leverage shared values. If your 'About Us' page is dull and lacklustre, let's dig into the interesting and unique aspects of your businesses to create a space that allows your online audiences to learn more and connect with the people behind the business. 

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