Content Creation & Management Services

 Brand voice & content strategy

Having a clear voice for your brand is beneficial for both your business and the customer experience. Knowing what your business values and interests are will make the process of content creation and sales copy flow much easier. Your potential customers will have a clear idea of what your business is about, and are more likely to align with your values if they are vocalized and shared about. 

Let's sit down together (either in real life or over a video call) and figure out what the root of your business is. Not just what you sell but what you stand for, and from there we will build a strategy for your business's content creation and social platform management. 

 Photo Content

Sharing authentic photos of your business is the best way to let customers in. We all relate better to real people more than just a company or logo, and sharing real experiences will more likely resonate in your audience's minds. 

After taking the time to understand what your business content needs are, we will schedule a day or afternoon of photoshoots. In one photo session we will create enough content to cover the determined time (one month etc) based on the strategy that we custom created for your business and audience. 

 Video Content

Video is so captivating and has so much potential to really pull your audience into your story and the details of your business. Taking your customers behind the scenes in a cinematic way can fascinate a new or loyal customer and build trust in your businesses transparency. Videos are also really impactful for conveying emotion in an 'About Us' story. You get the opportunity to introduce yourself really genuinely with a video, and create a human to human relationship through your online platforms. 

As always, there is a discovery and planning part of the creation process, and then a video shoot is scheduled to film the necessary parts of the project. 


You could be the number one expert in your industry, but if you can't express what you are selling in an engaging and interesting way, no one would know it. Writing copy for your content is about more than knowing the product, it's about knowing your audience too. 

 Engaging Blog Content

Maintaining a blog on your website is an excellent way to improve your SEO and create multiple reasons for your customers to visit your site. By providing useful information on topics that your audience is already searching, you are more likely to see an increase in traffic and sales.




If you feel like your time is being swallowed up by social media, you aren't alone. Keeping up with consistent and authentic posting is exhausting and the content suffers when it is forced. Finding the right automation plan for your business's social content can free up so much time to actually focus on running your business. There are tools out there that can help, let them work hard for you.

 Hands-free social media

Sometimes running the online and social platforms of a business is beyond the reach of the current staff. To achieve consistent content without the stress we would create a strategy based on a full understanding of the business values and direction, and once the the content has been created the management can be transferred over to KelpForestCo.

Leave the overwhelming part of setting up an online store to me, so that you can focus the fun and creative decisions about your online personality and brand. 

 I teach you how to fish, not just hand you the fish. 

Once your store is set up, I will teach you how to operate and maintain your ecommerce store or can provide ongoing management services. 

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