Start your Shopify store today!


Creating an online store is one of the most exciting and overwhelming experiences a business can go through! I chose to become a Shopify Partner because I believe that their platform has the best design for merchant success. 

Marketing, payment, secure checkout and shipping are all rolled up and neatly tucked into your Shopify dashboard. It's more than just an online store. 

Shopify is super user-friendly, so you can start plugging away at your store TODAY. There are hundreds of free and paid themes for your storefront, which means you can find the look that matches your brand and fully customize the storefront design. 

You operate your Shopify store from a dashboard. This page makes it simple to access and manage your products/inventory, create discount codes for your marketing, and print shipping labels. 

Reach more potential customers when you set up a blog to improve your site's SEO, or even expand your sales channels with a 'buy' button on your Facebook or Pinterest page. Shopify has what you need to grow your business online.

Still a little unsure if you can do it? Shopify has incredible 24/7 support by phone or chats to help support you in your journey. If you found your way to this page, you can do it. 

And if you get stuck or overwhelmed, I'll be here :)
Have fun building your store!